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Individual firefighters and entire fire departments purchase Foxfire illuminating products to increase visibility, reduce disorientation and provide accountability in dark and smoky environments. Our products are distributed worldwide through various channels, including our "Boots on the Street" team and our network of trusted distributors. We have strong working relationships with these partners.

Boots on the Street (Independent Sales Representatives)


Our "Boots on the Street" team consists of individual firefighters (or their family members) who sell Foxfire illuminating products on his/her off-duty days or during spare time as available. This program was designed for firefighters who want to help their fellow firefighters and also earn some extra income. There are no advance inventory stocking requirements or sales quotas required for our Boots on the Street team members. 

To get started as a "Boots on the Street" team member, please complete the form to the left. You will have the opportunity to purchase a $125 starter kit and join our team right away! 


MN8-Foxfire also partners with a network of trusted and established companies that distribute Foxfire illuminating products (credit check and references required). An initial product stocking purchase and bi-annual sales mimimums are required for this option. Our distributors may purchase at wholesale and sell at MSRP (mimimum advertised pricing is enforced).  If you are interested in becoming a distributor, please visit our Find a Distributor page

Thanks for your interest in Joining the MN8-Foxfire Team!